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September 28, 2014


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Training and Classes

Team Responsibilities

Fees and Benefits

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Come talk to us at one of our summer classes, or at our fall recruiting events. Or, if you’re ready to join the team, register here or contact one of our board members.


Dance with us! If you are interested in dancing, you are eligible. We welcome anyone who wants to learn ballroom dancing. No previous dance experience or partner is necessary and the team is open to Stanford students, affiliates, non-affiliates, and non-students.


We are primarily a competitive team – committed to developing members into confident dancers who use technique to express themselves and to helping each dancer accomplish their goals. To do this, we provide a wide range of resources, listed below.

Classes, training, and other perks that come with paying team dues

  • learning 10 styles of dance over the course of a year
  • free access to team-reserved practice spaces
  • free professionally supervised or unsupervised rounds
  • heavily subsidized professional classes and workshops
  • paid entry fees to sponsored competitions
  • workshops taught by advanced dancers
  • access to team costumes, shoes, and accessories
  • travel subsidies for students

Benefits that come with our community:

  • help with partner-matching
  • workshops on partnering, preparing for competitions, and other topics as requested by team members
  • opportunities to perform
  • opportunities for advanced dancers to teach
  • knowledge within our team about other dance styles like American Rhythm, American Smooth, Salsa, Hustle, West Coast Swing, Bachata, and Argentine Tango
  • periodic social events; bubble tea outings, social dances, picnics, and organized carpools to weekend events

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